Business Memberships & Sponsors

The organizations below have provided financial support to keep the stars in Montana’s Big Sky! 
Contact us for details on Business Memberships and Sponsorships.

Montana Learning Center

Mission Mountain Audubon

Big Sky Astronomy Club

Other ways to help

Become an Individual Member of the Montana Chapter by joining the IDA. Donations of time and money also help !

Join Montana IDA

The IDA depends on membership dues and donations for two-thirds of its funding! Help the IDA support our Montana Chapter by joining.



Donate to IDA

Please contribute today to help us continue the fight against light pollution. IDA’s success depends on your generosity – this is why you are an essential partner in our shared mission to protect the night sky.


Get Involved!

We can’t protect Montana’s big night sky without your help! You can help us protect our heritage of star-filled skies by spreading the word about light pollution to your neighbors, communities and public officials.